WASJA aims to unify a broad and diverse coalition of people around common progressive values and goals with the intent to organize, educate, and advocate for the advancement of social justice issues as they pertain to race, gender, immigration, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, and LGBTQIA+ related matters in the Wachusett and surrounding areas.


To transform the Wachusett area community by celebrating and welcoming diversity, demanding a fair and equitable justice system, standing against systemic racism, sexism, and discrimination of any kind targeted against traditionally marginalized individuals, and calling for curricula that showcase the richness, diversity and history of ALL of our people.


The Alliance envisions a Wachusett area where:

  • Diversity is welcomed and promoted;

  • Equality and equity thrive;

  • The word “Wachusett” is synonymous with inclusiveness, respect and “home” for all who wish to live in and visit the community;

  • We are the model of how a community can come together and create systemic change through grassroots efforts so that our future citizens can focus on flourishing as a result of systemic change rather than healing from systemic oppression and divide.

In support of our purpose, mission, and vision, we will take on the roles of community advocates and healers who seek to strengthen the community through our diversity, and demonstrate our common humanity. As advocates, we will actively promote and influence community policy to deliver equal justice and equal access to all. As healers, we will build bridges and grow relationships across our community in furtherance of the belief that our diversity is our collective strength.